Redesign life on your terms

You want success.

You also want to feel fulfilled and content with your life.

What if I told you that you can have both?

No stress. No overwhelm. Just a purposeful, rewarding life led with confidence and clarity.

It’s time to start living life on your terms.

Work with us…

One Off Consultation

Let’s break down the issue you’re currently facing. In a two-hour, one-on-one consultation we’ll delve into a problem specific to you. Walk away with the clarity you need to move forward with confidence.

1 on 1 Coaching

Redesign your life so that you’re living it on your terms. In recurring one-on-one sessions, we’ll develop practical strategies that unlock your complete potential in both your personal life & business.

Signature Programs

Ready to move forward with confidence? Our Signature Programs allow you to work at your own pace. Learn valuable lessons in both business and life that you can apply to your own leadership and success goals.


Studio Sissoni is the culmination of the learned and lived experience of our lead consultant, Melanie Sisson. As a Human Resource Management expert and the founder of two successful businesses, Melanie’s mission is to bring order to your chaos and help you fulfill your goals. With an acute understanding of the changes and challenges life brings, Melanie supports peak performers through the fog of mid-life and leadership, leading them toward clarity and contentment.

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Ready to live a great life on your own terms? Download our Free Worksheet, “Redesign Your Life”

Coaching for peak performers.

Give yourself clarity, contentment, and the confidence to pursue a life of purpose.

We work with executive leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and women in leadership roles. In other words, high achievers just like you who have been at the top of their career game and now want to find true happiness in life. We recognise the connection between work and life and support you in creating a framework where success in one area leads to success in the other.


You’re feeling stuck. Stressed. Overwhelmed.

You don’t need stock-standard coaching. You need coaching that is specifically tailored to you. Designed to help high-achieving women build change, resilience and establish a strategic, achievable plan for growth.

The life you have been dreaming of is within reach. All it takes is one step towards positive change, clarity and satisfaction. As your mentor and coach, we’ll help make that change possible. We help you identify and address the barriers holding you back so you can reach your definition of success.


3 simple steps to being an admired leader

Here are my sure fire ways to be the best manager of people that you can be.

Redesign your life with the domino effect

Every person can wake up any morning and decide to be something different.

Eliminating time wasters – find more time; change your life

Start with asking the question – where could I find more time in my day?

Happiness can be at the core of your ambition. Let us show you how.