Are you looking for clarity, contentment, and the confidence you need to pursue a life of purpose?

Hi there, I’m Melanie Sisson, the lead consultant at Studio Sissoni. I have a degree in Business, a Diploma of Project Management, and accredited qualifications in Business and Life Coaching amongst many other business and personal development accreditations.

I spent a decade working in Management Consulting where I was known for my strategic and analytical thinking, appreciation for efficiency, and understanding of how to create systems that set businesses up for success. After spending the majority of my early career working on remote sites in international locations, I set up a Management Consulting business that was a raging success.

Sounds like a success story, right? After 7 years I felt like it had taken over my life. I was exhausted from constant travel and being available to clients 7 days a week. I started to dream of doing a job that I loved, choosing the hours I wanted to work, and never having to travel again. It was time for a change, so I took a leap of faith.

In my mid-30s, I leapt into my ‘passion business’. I love interiors, have an eye for style, and have always been obsessed with property, so an Interior Styling business seemed like a no-brainer. It seemed outwardly successful by industry standards. Behind the scenes, it didn’t feel that way.


I had come from working 98-hour weeks. I thought I could handle anything. I had no idea that my ‘passion business’ would be the hardest work I had ever done. It would be four years before I was brave enough to admit that this, once again, wasn’t what I wanted.

I’ve experienced success and failure. Loss and major life change. The high of accomplishment, and the confusion when that accomplishment didn’t bring me the satisfaction and contentment I expected.

Studio Sissoni was founded to give you the benefit of my skills and experience within the context of my hindsight. I know that priorities shift as we grow, as do our professional goals. My goal is to make your path to success clearer and fundamentally smoother.

While I’m passionate about helping people achieve professional success, I know there’s more to life than that. Truly successful people are the ones who create a career and lifestyle that’s well balanced and prosperous. They have insight into their personal goals and have learnt to align these goals with their professional objectives.

Life, like business, has many moving parts. Let’s reshuffle them together.

Our values

Our values are important to us as a business and as people. They underpin the decisions we make about our own path and that of our clients.


We will help you build a business that allows freedom in life. Freedom to seek adventure and time away, freedom from financial stress, and freedom to enjoy quality time with those who matter.


We feel fulfilment when we help others reach their own personal fulfilment. That warm feeling that comes from supporting people through their darkest times to the highs of great achievement.


“A job is only worth doing if you’re going to do it well (thanks Dad!)”. Quality service, quality output and quality relationships produce quality results. We strive to produce and inspire quality in all areas.


We work to help others achieve success in life and in business – because one without the other isn’t true success. Every person has their own version of success. We’re here to help them reach it.


We apply our creative background to address roadblocks with out-of-the-box thinking. Creative solutions create an environment where anything is possible and all goals are within reach.

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Why you should work with us

✔ Stop wishing for things to be better. It’s time to make it happen

✔ Redesign your life and start living on your own terms

✔ Gain clarity, contentment, and confidence to pursue a life with purpose

✔ Build resilience to tackle whatever life throws at you

✔ Access repeatable frameworks that guide you with our support

✔ Learn skills you will use in every aspect of your life, well into the future

Happiness can be at the core of your ambition. Let us show you how.