As someone who has navigated lots of major change in my life, it still surprises me when people meet the news of my latest career change with comments like “Oh you’re so brave” or “I don’t know how you just change like that”. Quite often people’s major life changes are forced upon them. Experiences such as redundancy and divorce can be traumatic and uncomfortable, which is why there is such a strong perception that change itself is a negative experience. What I’ve learned is that it doesn’t have to be. Change is inevitable – embrace it.

Change Is Inevitable – Embrace It.

Every person can wake up any morning and decide to be something different. We all have a choice. Deliberate change has an entirely different vibe compared to changes that are forced upon you. It can be liberating, exciting, and dare I say it, exhilarating! 

Change Begets Change

When I’m asked the common question “how do you just change like that?”, my answer is always the same: by using the Domino Effect. A domino effect or chain reaction is the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of follow-up events. When you make a change to one behaviour, it will activate a chain reaction and cause a shift in related behaviours as well.

How To Embrace Change at Work and at Home

Do you know what you want in your life? Stop looking at it as a big scary change. Making it happen is as simple as taking one small step that brings you closer to it. Don’t think about anything other than that first step. That first step is what will take the most energy and effort, so make that first phone call, enrol in the course, tell someone your plans so that you’re accountable. 

Once you’ve taken your first step, reward yourself, then figure out what the next action is. Repeat the process and you’ll find that all of a sudden you’ve reached your goal. What was once a big scary pipe dream has snuck up on you without you even noticing. Just like Domino’s; one small action leads to another small action and so on until all the dominoes fall and you’re at the end goal. 

Ride The Momentum & Adapt Along The Way

With each action, you will be building confidence and momentum. This is the winning combination that will carry you through to your goal. If you’re in the midst of taking inspired action and you discover a new goal, keep riding the momentum and adapt to your new path. It’s all part of the process, and your new path could be even better than the one you initially set off on. 

The More You change, The More You’ll Want To

Once you become comfortable with taking the kind of action that leads to change, it will quickly become your new normal. These life-changing, exhilarating changes will become less scary and more achievable. When major life change is accompanied by a strategic plan of actions, timelines and goals; along with support and accountability, it becomes a lot less intimidating. The structure and planning remove uncertainty from the process. You are in the drivers’ seat, designing the change and taking back control. 

This is possible to do on your own; however, the path is a lot smoother and quicker when you have help. Would you like to experience a positive change in your business or personal life? It’s time to take that first step. Book in a Discovery Call now.