One of the common challenges I see high performing people face is how to transition from being a technical expert, or “a doer”, to a leader or manager. This same challenge applies whether you work in a large organisation or you run your own business. At some point, you become so good at whatever it is you do, that you step up to that next level. In an organisation you will be promoted to a Manager; or if you’re in business, you’ll need to employ people or start outsourcing, engage consultants, and learn how to delegate work as a leader.

Delegative Leadership – Stop Doing and Start Delegating

The most common thing I hear at this point is, “but I can’t find anyone who will do it as well as me…” and so they falter and feel like it’s too hard, or they don’t have the time to find and train someone. They fall back into the familiar old trap of trying to do it all themselves, and it’s then that things start to fall apart.

Tasks that were once done perfectly are now only done to 70%. Customer service levels drop and mistakes become more regular. The balls that you could once juggle now seem impossible to keep in the air! And these are just the workplace effects. Your home life starts to suffer next because you are working harder than you ever have. Your sleep suffers, your diet suffers, relationships suffer. Is any of this sounding familiar? 

Well,  the good news is, it’s not that difficult to fix. But it does take a mindset shift and a new perspective to make it happen. The key is all about recognising when the shift needs to be made – knowing when you are at the point where you are maxed out and either need to scale back or scale-up. 

Scaling Up Through Delegation

If you know you want to scale up, then the solution is 100% about learning a new style of communication. Once you’re a leader and others are looking to you for direction, your ultimate success hinges on your communication. Get clear on how you identify what needs to happen when it needs to happen and by who, then figure out the most effective way to convey that information. 

Focus on Outcomes

If you are a leader who finds themselves saying that you can’t find anyone to do the job as good as you can, then it’s time to take a look in the mirror. It’s true, you probably won’t find someone who will do the task exactly the same way you would do it – but who’s to say that your way was the best way? Couldn’t it be of benefit to let someone with a different skillset show you a new way? This is the benefit of switching from a process-driven mindset, to an outcomes focus. What is the outcome you need to achieve and by when, using what resources? 

A leader should give people space and autonomy to get the desired outcome on their own terms. In fact, learning how to delegate work as a leader is how you develop more leaders. If this makes you too nervous or you are in the process of developing trust, you can implement checking or progress measures along the path to the final outcome.

Delegative Leadership Success Coaching

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