When new clients come to me for coaching, one of the first things I try to do is to find out why. What has pushed them to seek the support of a coach at this point in time? What is giving them grief right now? One of the most common responses to this is that they feel like they are floating aimlessly along in life and have no idea what their purpose in life is. It’s a source of great frustration for many! Whilst there is no silver bullet that I know of, from these conversations I have discovered the three main obstacles that prevent you from finding your purpose.

Struggling To Find Purpose in Life? This Could Be Why.

You’ve Romanticised Your Purpose

Just like the fairytales of our childhood that were revealed later in life to be over-hyped and misleading, it’s the same for your purpose. You will not magically wake up one morning and be living it. The path to your purpose will probably not be a straight line, and it probably isn’t ‘saving the world’ or ‘achieving world peace’. 

To put it simply, your purpose is most likely not as glamorous as you’re thinking it is. On top of this sobering realisation, the realist in me needs to declare that it might not be high paying or powerful either. That’s just the reality of it; if you’re waiting for an almighty and divine purpose, it could mean you’re looking in all the wrong places. Redirect your focus to the everyday things that drive you through life and inspire you.

You’ve Created Unnecessary Pressure

We create a lot of pressure for ourselves when we’re on the path to finding our purpose. We think we need to find the one thing that we should be doing for the rest of our lives. Yikes! The reality is you most likely won’t just have one purpose in your life, and it probably won’t be a lifelong event. 

Your purpose can morph and change at different stages in life. Sometimes you can think you have found it, only to later realise that you were on the right path but still had more growing and learning to do. Take the pressure off yourself and relax, there is no set timeframe in which you’re ‘supposed’ to find your purpose. 

It May Not Be Whatever You’re Doing Now

There is every chance that you don’t know the first thing about whatever your true purpose is. You could have absolutely no training or skills in it. When you’re finding your meaning and purpose in life, following your instincts and taking steps or action whenever you have a repetitive thought is critical. It will lead you down path’s you can’t yet imagine! 

Pay attention to any nagging thoughts you have, even when they seem irrelevant. If you ignore a thought and it repeats (ie. You think, I’d love to take a dance class in a momentary thought and then you meet someone who mentions dancing… go find a dance class!). Just do those things without making excuses or thinking it’s stupid, and trust that your purpose will eventually reveal itself. 

Struggling With Finding Your Purpose?

You don’t need to go on this journey alone. Success Coaching is all about helping on the path to finding your purpose and feeling content in life and business. Book in a Free Discovery Call to get started.